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Industrial Gearboxes

As a leading UK supplier of industrial gearboxes we are able to offer independent help and advice as to the design of the most efficient and cost effective drives, we can also offer a complete on-site commissioning service as well as surveys.

Industrial gearbox breakdown service

Breakdown service is always at the forefront of our business and you can rest assured that once you have given us a job, we will respond quickly and efficiently to minimise your crucial downtime.

Industrial Gearbox brands we supply

We supply a wide range of industrial gearboxes and gear reducers from all leading manufacturers such as David Brown, Flender, SEW, Nord, Bonfig, STM, Fenner, Renold, Opperman, Yilmaz and many more…

We also supply our own range of custom made gears and gearboxes (see Machining page for further details); All of which can be supplied with or without an electric motor. Atex Certification and food approval certification is available on some products.

Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers

Helical gears in a rugged design gearbox which mounts directly onto the drive shaft. Bore sizes available 20mm to 190mm in both Metric and Imperial Shaft arrangements, can also be used with a simple taper grip hub which is resistant to fretting erosion and allows easy removal of gear unit. Easy fit backstops available, Comprehensive output speeds available with a simple belt drive. Atex certification available. Mostly made by Fenner, Renold or Dodge.


Parallel Shaft Helical Gearboxes

Heavy duty helical gearboxes for demanding applications. The input and output shafts are parallel on the centre line axis on the same side or opposite side, with a choice of one or two inputs and outputs. The bevels are hardened and ground, eliminating the need to pair the pinion and wheel together. Ratios 1.4:1 to 606:1. Output torques up to 43,000Nm.


Worm & Wheel Gearboxes

The most compact, cost effective and robust way of achieving a large reduction in a small space. The output shaft is at right angles to the input shaft or motor, offset in relation to the axis of the input. Ratios 5:1 to 105:1. All leading brands available.


Helical Bevel Gearboxes

With a greater efficiency than worm or helical worm gearboxes Helical Bevels are becoming increasingly popular where a right angle drive with a large ratio in a compact case is required. The output shaft or bore is at right angles to the input or motor. Motor powers up to 90Kw, Utilises European footprint for interchangeability. All leading brands available.


Helical Inline Gearboxes

The most widely used highly efficient gearbox configuration.
The input shaft or motor (motorised) is in line with the output shaft (coaxial) with a train of gears between them. All ratios available with motor powers up to 160KW and output torques up to 18,000Nm. Utilises European footprint for interchangeability. All leading brands available.


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