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Belts & Pulleys

Motion Industrial Products are able to offer a wide range of transmission belts whether it be simple Vee belts (SPA, SPB, SPC sections etc…) or a full range of Timing belts, Food approved conveyor belts, High performance poly chain belts. You name it and we supply it.

We are able to offer independent help and advice as to the design of new belt drives as well as finding solutions to problematic belt drives.

Pulleys are normally supplied with a tapered bore which utilises a taper lock bush, although we can supply either pilot bored pulleys or have them machined to your specification in our machine shop.

There is a vast array of belting solutions available to you, we recommend that you consult with us first in order to double check your preferences as there really is so much choice

Breakdown service is as always with Motion Industrial Products at the forefront of our business and you can rest assured that once you have given us a job, it will be supplied quickly and efficiently minimising your crucial downtime.

Belts & Pulley brands we supply

We specialise in the following brands Fenner, Gates, Challenge, Medway, MEC, Optibelt and many more…

Vee Belts

These are the most commonly used type of belt, V Belts or Wedge Belts as they are known are the most basic type of belt within the power transmission industry. They have the best combination of traction, load on bearings and a long service life. V belts are supplied in various lengths with a combination of trapezoidal sizes.


Timing Belts

Also known as toothed, notched, cogged or synchronous belts provide a positive transfer. When correctly fitted they have no slippage and can run at a constant speed. Often used for indexing or timing purposes. (hence the name). Timing belts need less tension of all belts are amongst the most efficient. Teeth can be square cut or curved depending on power requirements.


Poly V Belt

These are a ribbed belt with lengthwise grooves, Because of its single piece construction it has even distribution of tension across the width of the belt which leads to longer service life, stability and homogeneity of the drive tension with reduced vibration. Poly Vee belts are supplied in various lengths with a combination of trapezoidal sizes.


Metric Timing Belts

Often used in the food industry because of their material properties. They are also known as toothed synchronous belts which provide a positive transfer. Can also be used to convey product and can be fitted with special attachments for conveying.


Extruded Belting

Also known as polyurethane belting is often supplied as open coils of Round, flat or Vee Belt profiles, These can be vulcanised by hand on site. Extruded belting is also supplied with rough top finishes, Diamond top profiles and both high and low ridge.


Vee Belt Pulleys

The most common type of pulley for power transmission applications. They are supplied with between 1 and 12 grooves and are used in conjunction with standard Vee Belt profiles. Offered with a taper lock bush fixing or can be supplied fully machined or with a pilot hole.


Timing Belt Pulleys

These are positive drive pulleys which are used in combination with a timing belt or a synchronised belt. Often manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or cast steel and usually supplied with retaining flanges. Offered with taper lock fixing or can be fully machined or supplied with a pilot hole.


Variable speed belt Pulleys

Used to vary the speed on Vee belt profile belts. By altering the spring tension the side walls of the pulley can be manipulated in order to vary the pulley diameter and therefore the speed.


Belt wear strip

Offered in various grades of wear resistant materials, can be supplied to suit standard Vee belt and round belt profiles as well as drive and conveyor chains. Multiple lip profiles available.


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